Phoenix from Ash Home

In Ancient times, the majestic phoenix was said to live hundreds of years before bursting into flames and being reborn from the ashes of death.
From death. From destruction. From colorless ash.
Comes life.
Through the art of writing, and a close relationship with Jesus, the company encourages restoration, healing, and expression. No matter what your experiences in life, or how ‘talented’ you are, writing provides an opportunity for rebirth.
Check out books by Ashley M. Carmichael (founder), inspirational fiction that encompasses this vision, as well as a full range of writing services to help in your journey to go beyond the ashes. 

Blog Topics
Read it: Book reviews, experiences, thoughts, and insights about the world of reading.
Write it: Many facets of the creative process. Tips and tricks in writing. Sneak peaks of Phoenix from Ash releases.
Teach it: Reflections from the classroom
Live it: Travels and adventures
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Encouraging restoration, healing, and expression through writing.