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Vote for My Next Book Title1

Hey, ya’ll! It’s that time! Time to vote for my next book title. Let me know what you think! I’ll keep you posted on the results 🙂 


“It’s just because you’re a new face,” he explained. “In a town like Bentenville you’re a novelty. That building you’re in has been many things, but mostly over the past few decades it’s been abandoned. In a town with two stoplights, a bank building that dates to the 1890s, and only three school buildings, all within walking distance—well, anyone new will turn a few heads.”

“Atlanta is too big for eyes to follow you down the street,” Andi mused. “But my world was very small. There were people you knew, people who knew you and people who wished they knew you. At least that’s what my mother used to say.”

“What about people you wished you knew?”

“A Cartier knew everyone important,” Andi muttered. “According to my mother.”

“She sounds real,” he paused. “Confident.”

Andi laughed, a harsh sounding bark she’d never heard from her own mouth before. Clearing her throat, she explained. “According to my confident mother, Cartiers are to be envied. Only those we select know us and everyone else wishes they did.” The bitter aftertaste of the words clung to her tongue.

“And what would you say?” Garrick asked as he opened the door to the restaurant for her.

 “That those who get to know the Cartiers wish they didn’t.”



At 22, Andrea Cartier has experienced her fair share of the world’s injustices. Born into a wealthy family, her parents always expected perfection from their only daughter–to admit flaws is weakness, and Cartiers are strong. Invincible. So Andrea learned to keep her flaws hidden, and the secret scars she carries with her, she knows can never come out in the open. When she opens a bookstore in Bentenville, Texas to escape her past, she learns she can’t divorce her past as Andrea from her present as Andi, because no matter where she goes, she will always be a Cartier.

Garrick MacMillan, the most eligible bachelor in Bentenville, Texas, believes he has life figured out. All he needs now is a woman who can keep up with him–his lifestyle and his goals. But he’s not worried. God has the perfect woman for him, he just needs to keep his eyes and ears open.

Bryce Calhoun moved to Bentenville as a teenager, but never truly found a place to belong. Caught between his father’s, girlfriend’s, and his own expectations, he isn’t prepared for life to turn upside down when an old friend comes back into his life.

For a small town, Bentenville has big problems.



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