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“Mommy!” It was the first day of Kindergarten and I had never been more excited to come home before. Not because I hated Kindergarten, but because of the superpower I was certain it had given me. School. To me it meant learning to read and learning to read meant opening whole new worlds every day. For years my mother had been reading to me, then my older sister had gone to school and like magic (it seemed) she had returned and started to read too. I was just certain that I could now read. I hurried through the house, hoping to put my newfound super skill to good use. I pulled the biggest book off the shelf–because, after all, bigger is better. My mother came into the room. “What is it, Ashley?” she inquired, puzzled by my excitement. “Look!” I proudly hoisted the dictionary, which was bigger than my head, but not as big as my new ego. “I can read now!” Obviously, as a five-year-old, I was not reading the dictionary after one day at school, but this anecdote is one of the best introductions I have to give you. Reading was just the first step, it wasn’t long before I developed my second greatest passion: writing. The two are so closely related that it is no wonder that my career as an English teacher for the past seven years has been a successful one, and as I begin this journey into my second career as an author I hope my passions will indeed endure. I may not actually possess the superpowers my five-year-old mind wanted to believe, but my mission is still the same: transporting myself and my readers into all new worlds one story at a time.

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