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  1. The cover art is wonderful. It reminds me of some of the themes of Georgia O’Keefe whose works are at the Reynolda House till later in November. From your black and white outfit to the red inverted V to the implications of distance and travel, the whole picture promises a good story that will give the reader pause to consider human relationships. The red inverted V intrigues me — combined with the tracks it is like a half-scarlet A, maybe one the of Secret Scars?? The cover itself should win an award. Best wishes for the January publication!

    1. Susan thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement about the cover art. I took the picture in downtown Camden, where I teach, and then used word to manipulate the color saturation around a filter. I like how it turned out, but more importantly the novel, being set in a small town, has an appropriate starting tone now too. The pictures for the blog post were challenging, but I chose the inverted v for the poetic qualities, and you’re right. It does relate to the novel on that level. Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more as the release day nears. Love to you and yours!

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