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A Wedding Song-My Journey Through Psalms (45)

Psalm 45 is a beautiful homage to a wedding and it carries depth with the figurative language it uses. What I love most about this is that BECAUSE there is so much figurative language, the interpretation of the psalm is pretty wide open. Although it recounts a literal marriage for a king to a foreign princess, I feel more than anything there is blessing  in these verses beyond just saying ‘I do’.

Reading them now, in a modern setting, I am reminded as I sit here sipping my brewed coffee of the ultimate King and bridegroom: Jesus.

While this metaphor has been used throughout history, I can take these words into my heart at this season of life, and let it feed my soul.

Listen O Daughter, consider and give ear.

Forget your people and your father’s house […]

honor him [the King] for he is your Lord. (45: 10; 11b)

I am a gentile. I am foreign. I can be the foreign princess.

So why would the Lord, the King want me to forget my people and family? This is not a thoughtless suggestion to a bride or to me. Though it may seem thoughtless, it is an important part in becoming one with your husband.

Or with Jesus.

I don’t think this means you literally forget them, but that your loyalties must change. Who you trust and obey shifts drastically and this shift is a valuable part of the marriage process.

So as a foreign princess, I must shed what I was loyal to before Jesus and honor him as my Lord and savior. Taking off the hat of one sports team, and putting on the hat of another.

All for the sake of loyalty, honor and a healthy relationship. 

Questions to ponder:

  1. Why is it important to show your King, Jesus, or husband that you are loyal to him?
  2. What is significant about a foreign princess joining in alliance with this prominent King?
  3. How do I show my loyalty to my King?