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Adjusting our Attitudes

Adjusting our Attitudes: My Journey through Psalms (108)

My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing and make music with all my soul. Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn!  Psalm 108:1-2


Growing up, my church put on a yearly children’s musical. I’m sad that this is kind of rare in churches now, but I understand. There is so much demand out there for a family, their time, their energy. Not to mention volunteers. Finding people who are willing to volunteer their time on Sundays is hard enough; soliciting someone to spend several weeks teaching kids to sing and perform is a challenge of astronomical proportions. At any rate, it is one of the things I enjoyed…most of the time.

I was not particularly talented, but boy did I want to be! I practiced all the time. I auditioned for the lead role every year. I wanted to prove something to that church, and maybe to myself, about my talent.

Honestly, all I really proved (most of the time) is my lack of star quality. I was a good supporting role, but I was not meant to be in the spotlight.

Except for one time.

One year, the lead was not a female role. I can’t remember the storyline, but usually, it had something to do with Christmas, so I feel like it was a shepherd or something. Anyway, miracle of miracles, I got the lead role. I was to be the singing shepherd. Center stage. In the spotlight, finally.

And I put my heart and soul into that role. I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself, but that’s not what I remember about this moment. This role.

What I remember the most is the kind of dedication it took to be the starring role. I remember how I hated to miss a rehearsal; I remember how some of the other girls and I interacted in not so pleasant ways;  I remember how I felt when it was over, but mostly I remember the way it made me feel incredibly special. Important.

And that is how we are supposed to treat God every single day.

He should have the starring role. He should be incredibly special. Our dedication and devotion to Him should be so complete that we loathe to miss out on time with Him.

Most of the time, though I find that I treat God like a supporting role. Someone who is there for me when I need him, but not the star. Not the one at center stage at all times.

God is not the supporting role. He’s not our backup singer. His

star quality should dazzle us every day.


It is so easy to wake up and ask God to support our dreams, but what we should do is wake up, thank him, praise him and ask him how we can support his purpose.


Often, I find, when I adjust my attitude in this way, my dreams realign to his purpose for my life. And when I become the supporting role, it’s kind of an amazing production.

He has given us so much.

It’s time to make Him the star.


Attitude Matters (My journey through Psalms: 43-44)

Rise up and help us redeem your unfailing love (44:26)

We cry this, constantly, especially when bad things happen. It is so easy to immediately blame whoever is in charge, but experience has told me that 9 times out of 10 we bear a personal responsibility for our own failures.

Or at least I know I do.

I had a bad day last week. I woke up later than normal, had to clean up a mess, and was running late for work. My mind on other things, I ignored the speed limit. And for the first time in my driving life I was pulled over for speeding.

My first thought: crap.

My second thought: blame someone else. Anyone else.

But it was my responsibility; I was speeding. I deserved the ticket–

In His infinite grace, I was granted reprieve. The officer let me off with a warning. I didn’t deserve the warning; I was breaking the law, but I was granted it anyway.

Because as humans we like to blame others, we have to make a conscious effort not only to shoulder the blame for our stupidity, but also to turn the ‘bad’ into something beautiful.

Even when that seems impossible.

I had a bad day, but how I react to the bad day and where I take it, that defines who I am and who I will become.

Bad things do happen. Bad days sometimes feel like they outweigh the good, but even when there is a mountain standing in our way we still have a choice: trust God, or wallow in self pity.

Personally, though a nice pity party sounds appealing sometimes, it never makes me FEEL any better. So when I choose to trust, that’s when the bad can become beautiful.

A lesson learned.

A revelation revealed.

A goodbye said.

Peace made.

As I tell my students: Attitude matters.