Good Vs. Evil: My journey through Psalms: 86

Throughout the course of history, humans have sought justice. In our own simple way we have come to define justice in a finite way: good should be rewarded; evil should be punished.

Unfortunately, life is messy. The world is sinful. And “good” and “evil” are just not as black and white as we’d like to make it out to be.

I am a good person. I work hard. I treat people fairly. I give to the needy. I serve and teach others.

But I am also an evil person. I sometimes lie. I cheat when I play Candy Land. I judge in my heart, even if it never comes out of my mouth.

So if we use our human definition…should I be rewarded or punished?

Both, I guess. But despite the positive and negative consequences that exist in our world, some evil goes unpunished and some good goes unrewarded, leaving us with a sense of confusion for why justice just can’t be served.

The reality of it is…God is good. We are not. If we were, we wouldn’t do evil things. And because God is good, we can count on his justice being true justice. Even if we can’t quite understand it.

That’s the thing I love about God. He is so multi dimensional it is impossible to know him fully, but WANTING to know him fully keeps me searching, asking, and building a relationship.


Yes, God is good. But he’s also just, faithful, honest, loving, holy, and merciful. Th


ank God he is merciful. Because if I do evil, which we all do, then I CAN’T be good. And if I CAN’T be good then in our definition of justice…I must be punished. But God’s abounding love, mercy, and grace transcends justice. He extended a get-out-of-jail free card to all of us when his Son took our punishment. And frankly, that blows my mind.

Nothing I can do will erase the evil I have done.

I am not  a good person.


But God is.

My pastor Jimmy did an awesome sermon on this  a few months ago. You should check it out here–part 3.

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