Attitude Matters (My journey through Psalms: 43-44)

Rise up and help us redeem your unfailing love (44:26)

We cry this, constantly, especially when bad things happen. It is so easy to immediately blame whoever is in charge, but experience has told me that 9 times out of 10 we bear a personal responsibility for our own failures.

Or at least I know I do.

I had a bad day last week. I woke up later than normal, had to clean up a mess, and was running late for work. My mind on other things, I ignored the speed limit. And for the first time in my driving life I was pulled over for speeding.

My first thought: crap.

My second thought: blame someone else. Anyone else.

But it was my responsibility; I was speeding. I deserved the ticket–

In His infinite grace, I was granted reprieve. The officer let me off with a warning. I didn’t deserve the warning; I was breaking the law, but I was granted it anyway.

Because as humans we like to blame others, we have to make a conscious effort not only to shoulder the blame for our stupidity, but also to turn the ‘bad’ into something beautiful.

Even when that seems impossible.

I had a bad day, but how I react to the bad day and where I take it, that defines who I am and who I will become.

Bad things do happen. Bad days sometimes feel like they outweigh the good, but even when there is a mountain standing in our way we still have a choice: trust God, or wallow in self pity.

Personally, though a nice pity party sounds appealing sometimes, it never makes me FEEL any better. So when I choose to trust, that’s when the bad can become beautiful.

A lesson learned.

A revelation revealed.

A goodbye said.

Peace made.

As I tell my students: Attitude matters.

2 thoughts on “Attitude Matters (My journey through Psalms: 43-44)”

    1. Thanks, Julie! I wish I could have the time to write every day, but I know when I do I’m guided by the great Author so I’m glad they have meant something to you 🙂 Love you too!

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